Danny Seo Picture Frames

For Danny, any home can be made special with the addition of personal artifacts that are special to you and your family. One way to achieve this is to decorate with personal photos. In his debut picture frame line, Danny has opted to create eco-friendly picture frames that can be used in all types of […] More

Danny Seo Eco Grilling Pans

Following the phenomenally successful launch of the Danny Seo eco-friendly cookware and bakeware launch, we offer a new set of grilling pans perfect for indoor and outdoor cooking. The ceramic PTFE and PFOA chemical free coating is non-stick and wipes clean. Grill your favorite meats in the grill pan, sauces and sides in the saucepot […] More

Bamboo Pattern Tableware

The bamboo plant has long been a cherished and celebrated plant by the environmental community: it’s fast-growing, durable and has a myriad of uses in our lives. It’s also beautiful, so Danny used the iconic design as inspiration for his first collection of tableware. Made from recycled steel, the Danny Seo Bamboo Tableware collection includes […] More

Summer BBQ Grilling Tools

Warmer months mean cooking outdoors. Our hardworking Danny Seo grilling tool set includes the four “must have” grilling tools to make your backyard fete the best ever yet. Soft and ergonomically fitting handles are made from sustainable bamboo and the easy-to-clean metal is made from recycled steel. The set includes a spatula, tongs, baster and […] More

Everyday Kitchen Essentials

For Danny, there are three kitchen accessories that need to be next to his stove at all times: a spatula (both flat and slotted), a mixing and serving spoon, and a slotted spoon. Here, he’s put them all together in an Everyday Kitchen Essential set and used recycled steel to make them eco-friendly, too. And […] More

Handheld MicroPlaner

Whether it’s zesting an organic lemon, adding a dash of parmesan cheese on top of piping hot pasta, or finely grating garlic for a homecooked meal, a microplaner is an essential item for any kitchen. Our Danny Seo MicroPlaners come in two sizes and color choices and are made from 100% recycled steel. Inquire at […] More

Potato Ricer and Herb Grinder

DUE TO OVERWHELMING DEMAND, WE ARE CURRENTLY SOLD OUT OF THE DANNY SEO HERB GRINDER. PLEASE EMAIL US IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE PLACED ON THE WAITLIST. It’s smart kitchen accessories that can turn a home cook into a 5-star chef. Our Danny Seo potato ricer and herb grinder will help you whip up […] More

Recycled Steel Knife Sets

For the serious griller at home, a set of hard-working steak knives is a must have for any kitchen. Or if you’re limited in space or only want the essentials for your kitchen, our three-piece kitchen knife set will give you the essential knives that will cover virtually any dicing and slicing needs. Our Danny […] More

Bamboo Fiber Kitchen Composter

Our newest Danny Seo kitchen composter takes eco-friendly living one step further. In our upgraded model, we use bamboo fiber—which is a sustainable a hard-working material—to make the body and tight fitting lid for the composter. Inside, an integrated carbon filter keeps odors at bay. Available in a fresh lime green color and this classic […] More

Beautyrest Elements by Danny Seo Mattress-in-a-Box

Yes, a real mattress in a box. A new technology takes the world famous Simmons Beautyrest mattress and compresses into a large box (about the size of a suitcase) on wheels so you can bring home a fresh mattress the same day you buy it. More

Danny Seo Open Stock Bakeware Collection

Fill your kitchen with the aroma of fresh-baked cakes, pies, muffins and other treats. Our open stock bakeware line lets you choose the exact items you need for your kitchen. Our Danny Seo bakeware features the same eco-friendly non-stick ceramic coating technology in our cookware line. More

Danny Seo Bamboo Cooking Utensils

Bamboo is 16% harder than maple and lighter than oak, making it not only a sustainable choice, but a smart one for the home cook. Our Danny Seo bamboo utensils allow the natural grain to shine through with a hand-carved variegated design.  More

Danny Seo Ceramic Knives

The choice of professional chefs and serious home cooks, our Danny Seo ceramic knives are light-weight, super durable and fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. The razor sharp blade is made ziconium oxide, an extremely wear resistant material that is only second in hardness to a diamond.  More

Danny Seo Bamboo Cutting Boards

Bamboo cutting boards have long been a favorite of chefs because they are long-lasting and soft enough to not dull knives. These Danny Seo bamboo cutting boards are made from solid, long-grain bamboo and feature integrated lime green silicone grips in the corners to provide a secure, no-slip surface when using it. More

Danny Seo Rattan Stacking Baskets

Just like bamboo, rattan is a fast growing grass that can be woven into very strong and durable baskets. Use these Danny Seo rattan stacking baskets all over the house from storing extra towels in the bathroom, reading material in the living room or office supplies neatly stored in the home office.  More

Danny Seo Ceramic "Drip" Pots

Whether you collect several of our Danny Seo "drip" pots to build a tabletop of potted plants or use them to store kitchen utensils by the stove, you'll discover a myriad of uses for these adorable canisters.  More

Danny Seo Bamboo Collapsible Chair and Matching Ottoman

Bamboo has long been a favorite of green design because it's fast growing and super durable. Our Danny Seo bamboo furniture is handcrafted with timeless brass hardware rivets and hinges. More

Danny Seo Twin Recycling Bin

Recycling will be a breeze with our Danny Seo twin pedal recycling bins. Made from easy-to-clean stainless steel, the bins feature removable inserts (for easy washing) that can store recyclables neatly until it's time to place them curbside for pick-up. More

Danny Seo Kitchen Composter

Composting kitchen scraps---carrot tops, egg shells, coffee grinds---is an eco-friendly way to keep organic waste out of landfills and to add beneficial mulch to our backyard gardens. This Danny Seo stainless steel compost pail lets you collect waste before you transfer to your backyard bin. More

Danny Seo Everyday Wok

For fast, fresh, healthy cooking, this Danny Seo wok is the secret weapon for any kitchen. Crafted from heavy-duty aluminum with a non-stick ceramic coating, the exteriors heat up fast and evenly for the perfect stir fry.  More